Teacher Opportunity Scholarships

Each year, Partners gives out scholarships of up to $500 to school employees who are continuing their education to become certified teachers or to advance in the teaching profession. 

Priority is given to educational assistants who are becoming certified teachers with bilingual or special education endorsements.  Partners has also helped teachers who are working toward their masters degrees, and teachers who are pursuing National Board Certification.  

Last school year, thirteen SFPS employees received funding:  Contessa Aragon-Serna, a teacher at Gonzales Community School who was working toward National Board Certification;  Sandra Archuleta, an Educational Assistant at Pinon Elementary; Holly Call, Agua Fria Elementary, working toward National Board Certification; Wendy Dove, El Dorado Community School, working toward her Gifted Education Licensure; Amy Ferns-Vigil, Chaparral Elementary, and Rachel Garcia, Gonzales Community School, both pursuing a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction; Amanda Gomez, Educational Assistant, Special Education, Capital High School; April Hoy, Special Education and Enrichment teacher, El Dorado Community School, working toward National Board Certification; Lisa Louie, Capital High School, pursuing a masters degree; Elizabeth Mayer, Aspen Community School, National Board Certification; Marquita Montano, Agua Fria Elementary, National Board Certification; Martha Niebla, Educational Assistant, Nava Elementary; and Edie Tsong, New Mexico School for the Arts, Teacher Certification.