Field Trips

Field Trips Provide Learning Adventures

Even before teachers return to school, they start submitting requests for field trip buses. Last year, Partners paid for buses for approximately 600 public school classes to go on field trips.

Thanks to funding from the City of Santa Fe’s Children & Youth Commission, the Friends of the Public Library, the Michael and Laurie Naranjo Touched by Art Fund, Hansen’s Beverages, and a host of private donors, students visited museums, libraries, the Española Wildlife Center, El Rancho de las Golondrinas, the Chavez Center, local organic farms, national monuments, the Roundhouse, the University of New Mexico, the Lensic Performing Arts Center and many more exciting—and educational—destinations.

For some students, a field trip can be much more than time away from the classroom; it can even change a life. A 12th grade student from Santa Fe High School said,

“I’m writing to thank Partners in Education and their donors for funding our trip to Santa Fe Community College. It made me realize I do want to go to college. Without that trip I may have never realized I wanted to go. Thank you so much!”

The rising cost of fuel is having an impact on our field trip program.  Six years ago, an in-town field trip cost $55 per bus.  Now, that cost has nearly doubled to $100 per trip.  Partners offers teachers one in-town trip per school year.

If you would like to sponsor one or more field trips for this school year, please call Partners in Education at 505-474-0240.  Or donate online now.