Endowment for the Santa Fe Public Schools

A Legacy of Support for Our Children

In February 2007, Partners in Education became the Partners in Education Foundation for the Santa Fe Public Schools in order to establish an endowment fund that will provide a permanent source of funding for the Santa Fe Public Schools. The income from the endowment, which is held at the Santa Fe Community Foundation, will be used to bolster district-wide student achievement by:

  • Cultivating teacher excellence
  • Supporting effective and innovative teaching strategies
  • Enriching the learning environment

Our Goals for the Endowment Fund

Goal #1: Cultivate Teacher Excellence 

The key to high-performing students is high-performing teachers. Goal #1 aims to offer teachers the support and tools they need to help students achieve; including training and mentoring, opportunities for collegial study, and incentives for continuous improvement.

Goal #2: Support Effective and Innovative Teaching Strategies

As the demographics of the student population change, so must the strategies employed to teach successfully. Today’s educational methods must be rigorous, relevant and engaging, and must be delivered within the context of a mutually respectful relationship between student and teacher. Goal #2 aims to better prepare our students for academic success through improved instruction, a rigorous curriculum, and effective use of assessment tools, district-wide.

Goal #3: Enrich the Learning Environment

Schools, families, and the community must work together to enhance our students’ social, emotional, and physical development, in addition to their academic skills.  Goal #3 addresses the need to offer a broad range of enrichment activities to students in every school, as well as state-of-the-art after-school and summer programs for all children enrolled in the Santa Fe Public Schools.